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General Charter Conditions

General Charter Conditions

We, the operator have the right to cancel cruises as required.

Our Sailing vessels are a shared space for clients and staff. To provide a healthy and smoke-free comfortable place, we have a nonsmoking policy. Vapes are allowable provided the user maintains a space around people. We reserve our right to refuse permission to smoke and vape.

The skipper is responsible for the safety of everyone on board. Should any client seem to be unruly, disturbing other passengers or affected by excessive alcohol or drugs, and in the skipper's opinion marine safety is compromised, the skipper has the authority to return to port and disembark the relevant client(s).

The skipper can refuse boarding for the cruise, if the person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and in their opinion may endanger the safety of themselves, crew, the vessel or others.

Clients should confirm departure details 24 hours before departure Ph 0428480090

During the wet season 1 Dec to April 30

We will not operate a cruise if we think there are weather issues or that the cruise will be uncomfortable for our clients. If the weather changes during a cruise the skipper may shorten the cruise and return to Cullen Bay Marina.

Prior to Xmas we will get local storms across the Darwin area. Usually these storms pass very quickly, and sometimes we may need to delay departure. Following the storms the weather clears. Rarely do we cancel cruises, however if we do then you will receive a text or phone call. We have not cancelled many cruises.

After Xmas the monsoon visits Darwin. The monsoon has winds from the NW and W, that can make the harbour very uncomfortable. We will reduce the number of cruises and may need to cancel cruises due to uncomfortable conditions. We quite often do this in the period Jan to April.

COVID Protocol

If you are concerned about the risks associated with Covid, we suggest you wear a mask on the vessel.


City of Darwin Cruises does not accept any responsibility for self injury, illness or the loss or damage to personal articles including mobile phones, cameras, and baggage.